"The Catholic Pledge in the Croatian Identity"


[19.01.2015] End of last year Frano Prcela OP, Non Resident Fellow of the Institut M.-Dominique Chenu (Mainz), has published a new article about Croatian Identity. The text is part of the book "Politicization of Religion, the Power of Symbolism", which was edited by Gorona Ognjenović and Jasna Jozelić. Both editors are Research Fellows of the University of Oslo, Norway.

Frano Prcela writes in his article "The Catholic Pledge in the Croatian Identity": "This study is principally dealing with the question of what is actually left – that is, which part of the Catholic pledge can survive – when considering the actual challenges of the Croatian identity. What theological consequences does the rhetoric 'Catholic nation', 'Catholic country', 'Marian people,' or the syntagma 'Stepinac's Church' have? ..."

Bibliography: Frano Prcela, The Catholic Pledge in the Croatian Identity, in: Gorona Ognjenović / Jasna Jozelić (Eds.), Politicization of Religion, the Power of Symbolism: The Case of Former Yugoslavia and its Succesor States (Palgrave Studies in Religion, Politics, and Policy), Palgrave Macmillan New York, NY 2014, Hardcover, ISBN 9781137484123, £68.00 / $105.00, p. 67-92.

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