Thomas Eggensperger OP lectures at Vilnius, Lithuania




[26.08.2022] More than 50 participants from all over Europe met from 12th to 17th of August 2022 for the 11th European Assembly of Lay Dominican Fraternities in Vilnius, Lithuania. The assembly began with words of welcome from Mr. Damien McDonnell OP (president of ECLDF) and Mrs. Rita Paulukeviciute OP (president of the lay dominican fraternities in Lithuania). The master general of the order, fr. Gerard F. Timoner III. OP, sent words of greetings and was represented by fr. Alain Arnould OP (Socious for Europe and Canada), fr Alain spoke to the assembly and encouraged the participants that “We need to walk together, to work together …” as an order with different branches. After fr Juan Ubaldo Lopez OP (promotor general for lay Dominicans) addressed the assembly. 

Prof. Dr. fr. Thomas Eggensperger OP (Institut M.-Dominique Chenu  Berlin / Campus für Theologie und Spiritualität Berlin) was invited to give a presentation titled “The secular situation Secularization – spirituality – the Mundane”. The presentation provided the basis for discussion and reflection. In addition to the analysis of the current church situation in European countries, the lecture focused on the phenomenon of spirituality and tried to introduce the "mundane" as an adequate term for the description of public and private space. At the end of the conference, it was up to the speaker to draw up a conclusion on the course of the conference in order to filter out important key terms for further work.  

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