After having visited Germany, the Master of the Order of Dominicans in 1997, Timothy Radcliffe, wrote: “I was especially intrigued by the plans for a potential ‘Institute for Theology and Society.’ This could be exactly the kind of project we would want to support.“

opstiftnah.jpgThe anticipated new Institute for Philosophy and Theology finally gained its shape in 2000. Berlin was deliberately chosen as a gathering point, for the “presence of a Dominican centre of scholarship in Berlin, an important city bringing many ethnicities and confessions together, upholds the tradition of St. Dominic, who sent his brothers to the most bustling city-centres of Europe.“ (T. Radcliffe)

Since 2001, a group of scholars has been working as such in the heart of the district Prenzlauer Berg. From there they conduct topical research on “signs of the times,“ such that these – as encouraged in the Pastoral Constitution of the Second Vatican Council, “Gaudium et spes“ – be considered “in the light of the Gospel.“

> M.-Dominique Chenu OP

Lehrveranstaltungen SS 2020

PTH Münster
• VL(Ü) (M19): Soziale Erkenntnislehre und Wissenschaftstheorie. Philosophische Reflexionen (Engel) >>
• VL(Ü) (M19): Fundamentaltheologische Erkenntnislehre und der Streit um den Wissenschaftscharakter der Theologie (Engel) >>
Universität Hannover
Seminar: Kirche und Sakramente (Eggensperger) >>
Universität Trier
• VL (Halft)
Universität Innsbruck
• Diverse Lehrveranstaltungen (Bauer) >>

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