The Institute M.-Dominique Chenu (IMDC) is run by the Dominican Order as an independent centre for philosophical and theological scholarship in Berlin, Germany.

chenu.jpgIt carries the name of the French theologian and specialist on councils, Marie-Dominique Chenu OP (1895-1990). The institute is both a partner organisation (instituto associaton) of the faculty of social sciences (FASS) at the „Pontifica Università San Tommaso d’Aquino“ (PUST) in Rome, as well as a member of the Association of Dominican Universities (AGO) in Germany.

Reading Recommendation:

Thomas Eggensperger, Das "Institut M.-Dominique Chenu" in Berlin. Ein Alternativmodell der Dominikaner, Ordenskorrespondenz 49 (2008), 168-172.

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The institute places emphasis upon:


The IMDC belongs to the Dominican-led “ESPACES – Spirituality, Cultures and Society in Europe“, a Brussel-based European institute with branches in Berlin, Warsaw, Madrid, Pistoia, and Strasbourg. This interconnectedness is one of the ways in which the IMDC, inspired by the Christian faith, seeks to contribute to the future of the European project. This contribution comes to being in the appraisals carried out by the institute, of both social and political as well as ethical and spiritual dimensions.


The modus operandi within the bounds of the ESPACES-network are:


Annual reports:

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