New Book published by IMDC (Berlin) and DSTS (Amsterdam)

Cover: ATF Press, Adelaide, AUS; Painting by Kim en Joong OP, Paris

[20.09.2020] As a result of a jointly responsible theological research project, those responsible at the Dominicaans Studiecentrum voor Theologie en Samenleving - DSTS (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and the Institut M.-Dominique Chenu - IMDC (Berlin, Germany) - Prof Dr Manulela Kalsky (VU Amsterdam), Prof Dr Ellan Van Stichel (KU Leuven), Prof Dr Thomas Eggensperger, OP (PTH Münster) und Prof Dr Ulrich Engel, OP (PTH Münster) - were recently able to publish an anthology dedicated to the topic "Fullness of Life and Justice for All". The book is published in four versions (softcover, hardcover, epub and PDF) by "ATF Theology" in Adelaide, Australia.

Poverty, inequality, violent conflicts, climate change, migration, racism, burn-out are just a few of the symptoms showing how living life to the fullest is out of reach for so many people in our world. Is, then, seeking ‘fullness of life and justice for all’ not a too ambitious project? For nothing less than the wellbeing of humanity – and in extension, the whole of creation – is at stake. On the other hand, we see people responding, acting and struggling for justice, liberation and a more sustainable world. How to make sense of the ideas of fullness of life and justice for all, in light of the many crises humanity currently faces but also the glimpses of positive and hopeful responses? Even more so, how to make sense theologically?

In this volume twenty authors reflect on how the notions of fullness of life and justice for all are theoretically conceived and have practically taken form from within Dominican theology and spirituality. The contributions on youth spirituality, contemplation, art as a means to community building, gender, pluralization, populism and management discuss the fullness of life in both its material and spiritual dimensions. The question on justice for all is raised in confrontation with issues such as poverty, migration, ecological threats and the role of virtues in society. In this way, the book aims to uncover a variety of Dominican perspectives as valuable contributions to a broader dialogue on the fullness of life and justice for all.


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